For digital files, delivery is free of charge. Direct download from our online store.

Products ordered through the online store can:

- pick up at the Urbana Majice store, Dunajska cesta 41, Ljubljana daily between 9am and 5pm (no additional charge). Pre-arrange to have your item in stock and ready to pick up.

- receive by mail (delivered via Pošta Slovenije)

If the postman visits you when you are away from home, he will leave you a message stating the Post Office of Slovenia and the time when you can pick up your shipment.

Shipping costs:  across Europe and the world.

Shipping costs:

example 1: the value of an order of 2.00 EUR to 20.00 EUR is 14.95 EUR

example 2: the value of the order of 21.00 EUR to 40.00 EUR is 13.95 EUR

example 3: the value of an order of EUR 41.00 to EUR 60.00 is EUR 12.95

example 4: the value of the order of EUR 61.00 to EUR 80.00 is EUR 11.95

example 5: the value of an order of EUR 81.00 to EUR 90.00 is EUR 10.95

example 6: the value of an order of EUR 91.00 to EUR 150.00 is EUR 9.95

Delivery for purchases over 151.00 euros is free!



The items are carefully packaged in a special envelope lined with bubble wrap, which protects the item from external influences such as moisture, rain and physical damage. For items that we think are more susceptible to damage during transport, we adequately protect them accordingly.

Delivery time:

We try to be as quick as possible when making orders. Delivery time is usually 5-21 business days. Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays is not available.

We usually reply to you the same day and place your order within 2 business days. Sometimes, however, this is not possible due to the increased workflow.



If the item is physically damaged or you think it was a mistake on our part, please send it back to us by regular mail and we will send you a new one.

You can read more in our General Terms and Conditions.